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     We suggest foods of a high nutritional value that your child will eat. A balanced lunch of proteins, fruit/vegetables, carbohydrates, and water are suggested. We encourage children to eat their protein first and other foods next. Warm-ups or leftover foods are great. Your child will be asked to bring all uneaten food items and garbology home with them.  For this reason, many parents find reusable food containers (leak-proof) to be beneficial. 

     Please keep sugary foods at home, for example: candy, soda, gummies, granola bars and yogurt with high sugar content or chocolate. This includes foods with high fructose corn syrup and refined sugars.  Please keep prepackaged foods at home.  For example please use a recyclable container for yogurt with a leak proof lid and a spoon.  This helps your child work on their fine motor skills. 

     Student’s lunch boxes should be character free and can be found at local stores or online.  Reusable snack bags can be found at,, or pinterest.
     Water Bottles for school are character free, easy to use and washable. Please label each item with your student’s name.

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