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Madrone Montessori School clothing colors are navy blue, denim, tan/khaki, white and grey. Solid colors only. Sweaters, jackets, shoes, belts and other accessories are to be neutral, solid color, velcro, lace or buckle.


Shop code 900155912 for school clothes with our school logo.  Sales include polo shirts and school uniforms. Collared shirts are solid navy blue or solid white with Madrone logo. Bottoms are navy blue/denim or tank/khaki, shorts, skirts, pants/jeans or dresses.


Other places to shop: Eddie Bauer, Children’s Place, Gap, Old Navy, Target, Kohl’s, Walmart and thrift stores such as Snowline Hospice. Please inquire in the office if you would prefer to provide your own clothes and want just a school logo embroidery. 

Student’s wear plain, solid navy blue or tan slippers that are kept in the classroom. All indoor shoes/slippers must have a back. Please help your child keep backpacks, gadgets and gizmos at home! Thank you!

Please provide a plain canvas bag 15" x 15" for your child to carry items to and from school. 

The third Friday of each month is Free Dress- children can wear their favorite color, stripes, polka dots or dress to theme of our unit of study. Please keep all characters at home. 

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