Our mission is to provide the community with a quality Montessori School, meeting the needs of families and children together. We encourage self-reliance and decision making skills where children are encouraged through purposeful work. Madrone Montessori School is a place where families experience communication, equality and understanding within a prepared environment. Madrone Montessori School offers a wide variety of subjects under the direction of experienced and trained teachers.

     Montessori education is a scientifically based academic curriculum. Teachers prepare and demonstrate lessons in all subjects including; math, geometry, language, history, geography, zoology, botany, practical life, music, sensorial, and physical development providing a comprehensive educational approach, which begins early, and progresses through adolescence. Our environment contains specially designed, manipulative, “materials for development” that invite children to engage in learning activities of their own individual choice. Nature and its beauty surround us allowing ample opportunity for outdoor exploration and adventure developing a respect for all life.

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     Madrone Montessori School, established February 2000 in Rescue, California, was designed and created as a landmark in Montessori Education based on the method established by Italian Psychologist and Educator, Dr. Maria Montessori and her work. Montessori approach evolved over many years as the result of Dr. Montessori’s work with different populations and age groups, which resulted in the educational philosophy and approach found in Montessori schools today. In general, Montessori schools consciously strive to create and maintain a diverse student body, welcoming families of every ethnic background and religion, and using scholarships and financial aid to keep their school accessible to deserving families. Montessori is also found in the public sector as magnet public school programs, Head Start centers, and as charter schools. In Montessori schools, students learn to collaborate with each other, discover their own innate abilities and develop a strong sense of independence, self-confidence, and self-discipline.

     Madrone Montessori School is designed for anyone between the ages of 18 months through 6 years who seek a peaceful, challenging and inspiring place of education. We are a School where self-reliance and choice are consistently fostered through purposeful work. We encourage personal growth and the refinement of harmonious relationships within the success of this work. Our focus centers on the emotional, spiritual and physical development of the child as well as academic growth. Our diverse and well-balanced staff works synergistically with students, parents and the community, to create and provide a positive environment of acceptance, encouragement, and inspiration. Simplicity weaves a foundation of courage and strength in our youth. We provide a place of education where children are accepted equally & where opportunities are moments of growth. Through love and peace, children are guided to experience their true greatness.


      We, as a diverse and unified group, practice acceptance and growth through daily positive affirmations in work & play. Together with love & peace we give reverence for all, receiving self-reliance & awareness.

Be Honest



Show Respect

Use Words

5001 Windplay Drive #1  El Dorado Hills  California  95762  530-676-4110
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