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Dusk Program

Often this is the time of day students unwind and relax from the academic part of their day.  Teachers plan and prepare curriculum for the dusk program between 3:00pm to 6:00pm.  Activities include homework, play, games, art, painting, building, watercolor and bubbles, cooking, hand-washing, nose blowing and over-all hygiene.  The teachers also continue helping the students work on relationships with friends, grace, courtesy and manners.  Sharing and listening are also a big part of the work during this time of day.  Students are offered tools to use when frustrated, happy, angry and sad.  This is continued work of our school day using the theme of Black Elk and the love light.  The development of order and consistency is reinforced with routine  and daily tasks.  Teachers take time  to have in depth conversations with students in a way  that helps them connect their behavior to the whole environment and bring awareness to their connection with all things and people. 

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