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Image by Alireza Attari

When we started looking for childcare for our 18 month old son, we quickly discovered that we wanted a school  - a place where our child would be cared for, but also a place where he would learn, be challenged, have success and thrive.   We found the complete package at Madrone!  Our children are growing in self-reliance and are learning so much through the school’s themed study units and purposeful work. Our son is now in the kindergarten program, our daughter is in the Lavender room, and our youngest will be joining the Cedar room very soon.  Our years at Madrone have been an amazing gift to our children, and have made us better parents!  We are so thankful for this treasure in our community!    

Ron T., El Dorado Hills, CA

I just wanted to reach out to you to provide an update on Ava and how your school and the Montessori philosophy, has positively impacted her life now that she's completed her first year of Kinder. And, I'd be happy to update you on her journey as the years unfold. 1. She has an incredible passion for learning. She's enthusiastic--Ready to take on any project great or small. Joyfully. 2. She will and is, without a doubt, an independent, resilient, and loving little girl! We all see her in a leader role some day. Teachers and faculty attest. ️3. She cares about the world, the environment, and people. Ava received the end of year "Star Award" based on:-Her love, empathy, and kindness for others. -Her peaceful approach to (almost) never leaving a child out of play or excluded while using her confident yet kind voice.-Ava is the first to run to a child who's been hurt. Offering a hug for comfort."She's a positive role model to all the students in the class and I am certain, Ava will go on to do great things!" Ms. V. I also understand, that it is by my loving example and consistency (less talking and more action) that is  guiding her as well. I'm honored and humbled that I'm her Mother and that I get to walk beside her to watch her grow and fly. Anyway, thank YOU for the amazing foundation you provided to our little girl. I am certain, this foundation you provide will help all little ones great and small.


Mandy H., El Dorado Hills, CA

We have now had four children that have attended or are currently attending Madrone. I can't imagine a better environment for my children. We did our research of Montessori schools in our area and Madrone, hands down, is on another level. What an amazing group of teachers, peaceful environment and solid curriculum at Madrone Montessori School.  A place our ENTIRE family loves!!  

Joyce S., El Dorado Hills, CA

I have known Krista since 1993. I had the pleasure of working with her in the very beginning of my Montessori career. One of the first things that struck me about Krista was her deep desire to do what was in the best interest of the child. She was creative, energetic, fun and thorough. She inspired me as a high school student and encouraged me to continue my education in Montessori, and I did.  Many years later, I came to work for her at Madrone Montessori. The school had not been open for very long. Again, I was inspired by her vision for not only the students, but also for the families and the community as a whole. She encouraged me (and the other teachers) to examine our words and the impact they had on the children. She encouraged us to be mindful of how our words come across and to examine ourselves - prepare ourselves internally, and encouraged us to evolve as people.   Twelve years later, I live on the east coast and teach at another Montessori school. The lessons I learned from Krista, I continue to share with my co-teachers, students and families. She continues to inspire me as a teacher, parent and human. I highly recommend Krista Campbell and Madrone Montessori. Your child and your family will benefit greatly from her direction and the caring and professional teaching staff. 


Karie N., Lititz Pennsylvania

Madrone Montessori is an ideal learning environment. Children are given the opportunity to let their curiosity for learning grow in a true Montessori fashion as they are nurtured as the small human beings they are.  Madrone is unlike many pre-schools in that there is a level of expectation not found in many places and this is wonderful! Children thrive under these conditions and truly blossom by letting their abilities shine.  Students quickly fall in love with the Practical Life and Sensorial areas, seamlessly navigating their ways through the pouring, sorting and stacking jobs, not realizing they are developing their finger muscles in preparation for writing. Language and math cards build foundations for successfully mastering these subjects, yet with manipulates which add a concrete aspect for young minds.  Montessori follows the child, not standardized expectations, and gives a love of learning which lasts a lifetime.  


Ali, M., Placerville, CA

I didn’t realize I kept getting in the way of my children’s development as individuals until Madrone Montessori. This school provides a child-led environment that nurtures self-reliance and self-care. The school is rich academically but also teaches peace, kindness and how to interact positively with other students and teachers.   

Gina Z., Folsom, California

Our two children received a positive, enriching, fulfilling preschool education in a peaceful, loving, caring environment at Madrone Montessori.  Beyond building critical math skills and becoming strong readers, they learned self-reliance, making good choices, diligence, self-direction, responsibility and respect for others.  I cannot speak highly enough about Madrone's teachers or Ms. Krista.  My children have entered elementary school with a tremendous advantage as they were allowed to grow at their own pace of learning.  


Shawna E., El Dorado Hills, CA

We found Madrone through a friend who has her kids there.  My son had spent a year at another pre-school and was having a hard time because there was not a lot of consistency and control in his classroom.  What I loved about Madrone was that the classrooms were very spacious and quiet without chaos.  The kids are taught respect of themselves and others, so there weren't issues with kids crowding other kids or breaking projects.  This was really important for us.  My son was getting really frustrated because that’s what kids of that age do… except at Madrone.


Kate K., El Dorado Hills, CA

When I first decided to make a career change I was a little hesitant about teaching preschool.  Krista asked me to come visit the school.  I spent the better part of a day observing the students, teachers, classrooms, and beautiful atmosphere. This place was unlike any other school I knew of. It is truly founded on love and peace making. Watching the  students learn - and be excited about learning - was my favorite part of that day (and it continues to be so). My heart felt very at peace with the experience and I just knew I wanted to work at Madrone Montessori School.  Any hesitation I may have had was gone.  I felt like I was home.  A big thank you to all the teachers, students, and parents who make the school everything that it is.  Peace and Love!  


Sarah E., Placerville, California

Madrone Montessori is truly an exceptional place. You feel the warmth as soon as you enter the front doors. The staff is very competent and caring. I have seen my son grow emotionally, physically and educationally over the year. I love the way when he comes home and discusses geography, history, science and literature, the way he shows me how to do yoga and how to take care of plants. I am glad that I found a perfect school for my son. 


Arpita S., Folsom, California

Words cannot express our gratitude for the teachers at Madrone who regularly show constant care and concern for our children.  As parents we could not ask for more in an early childhood facility.  


Anne M., Placerville, California

When we found Madrone we were thankful and delighted because our methods of raising our family were similar.  It is now years since our children attended Madrone.  Our oldest is in college, successful and happy and our youngest a junior in high school.  We are thankful for the life skills that provided a plateau for future success that the teachers reinforced, perseverance, courage and self-reliance!  Thank you Madrone!


Kelly C., El Dorado Hills, Ca

Madrone Montessori genuinely cares about the children in its care and makes each interaction count. The teacher in my 2 year old sons class greeted him every day, let him sit in her lap during circle and singing time, and always had kind words to say at pickup.


The principal of the school, Krista, carefully helped us manage some special circumstances and was kind and compassionate when others likely would have been dismissive. As parents we are all trying to do what’s best for our kids and Madrone makes itself an ally in that mission. 


We had to leave the school for an out of state move. On the last day of class we brought small gifts for Krista and his teacher. My son walked in with the gift in hand and when Krista she saw his tiny present she immediately kneeled to look him in the eyes with a smile. He handed her the package and was absolutely beaming when she said thank you and opened it. This interaction in a nutshell is what Madrone has to offer, We miss them so much!

Brianne M., Boise, Utah

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