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Best Practices

In the past we found vinegar to be a safe and effective cleaner, however we currently use Lysol, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and other cleaning products to sanitize bathrooms, kitchens, tables, door handles, all eating areas, nap mats, shelves, and class manipulatives. All towels are laundered three times a week, mats and carpets laundered biweekly and sheets laundered 
Work Exchange Program
The Work Exchange Program (in class volunteers), field trips, kids night out, interns, volunteers, etc....
We meet with 'Good Mornings' from a distance, at the front door, collect snack, diapers, nap items and we walk your child to class. Sign in is done virtually through Procare on a tablet outside the front door. Please use your phone, the procare app and QR code. 
When students arrive they wash their hands for 20 seconds, We check temperatures and look for signs of good health. We are teaching the importance of social distancing and students practice this during work time, line up and when using the bathrooms. 
Parents and the school provide unopened snacks, fruits and vegetables to the hallway. We wash foods and prepare for classes.  Unlike the past students use a non reusable paper product for eating their snack.  We no longer use sponges during eating times and for class clean-up. Student's sit distanced from others unless they are siblings during all snack times.
If you have submitted a sunscreen authorization- please provide us with spray sunscreen, labeled. Students play outside in the morning, after lunch and at the end of the day.
Nap time includes hand washing and toileting for each student. Blankets and sheets go home each Friday to be laundered. 
If pick up is before 3:00 we will have your child ready at the front door for you. Parents picking up after 3:00 please enter the building, signal the teacher and wait for your child. Please practice social distancing with other parents and teachers.  Avoid touching surfaces or items in the building. If you must please wash your hands or sanitize. If you are ill or have any symptoms please wear a mask and or arrange alternate pick up. 
At Home
Help your child continue hand washing at home. Talking about the importance of social distancing, will help students understand seeing others in masks and gloves and distancing. The practice of self-reliance allows your child to care for their self and empowers their sense of belonging.  If you or a family member travel  out of the country, notify the school and quarantine appropriately before returning to school.
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Healthy Children

We are holding together with perseverance, wellness measures and you! 

Thank you for masks, air purifiers, sanitizers, healthy foods, well children, and more! 

We are 'to the moon' grateful for your support. 


In keeping this all going we ask that you continue to monitor your child's health. 


As a reminder if your child has a fever, notify the school immediately, keep your child home until they are 72 hours fever free. If your child has other symptoms i.e., coughing, runny nose or fatigue, please notice how these affect their behavior and keep them home. If behaviors are unmanageable due to cold symptoms please keep your child home. If you are COVID testing and waiting for results, keep your child home until you receive results. We recommend the PCR COVID test versus the over the counter test/rapid test.  If you or a family member were exposed and your test is negative a 14 day quarantine from school is effective immediately. In the event a teacher, staff or child becomes exposed, all children in that group including the teacher will be quarantined for 14 days. 


Communication is key for our success to serve you and your family. Please keep us posted if your family had an exposure or positive COVID; in this case notify school ASAP at and quarantine for a minimum 14 days. If you have questions about COVID exposure or quarantine refer to the CDC here -


Other information from the CDC here - 

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