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Lunch Foods

  • Garbanzo beans, sliced peaches, walnuts and rice crackers

  • Cubed Lamb and rice with peas and raisins

  • Hummus, celery, baby belle and pretzels

  • Sunflower butter on wheat bread with light honey, sliced apple and pepitas

  • Chicken pieces, lentils and cutie

  • Coconut pieces, turkey pieces and sliced tomatoes

  • Avocado pieces, blueberries and sliced cheese

  • Sliced turkey and cheese wrapped in a tortilla with sliced pear

  • Pistachio, smoked salmon and watermelon

  • Sliced cheese, cubed steak, plum

  • Feta cheese w/ pasta, tomatoes and apple slices

  • BBQ chicken wing w/ celery and carrots

  • Lentils, cherry tomatoes & naan

  • Sunflower butter w sprouts wrapped in naan, sliced cucumber and hummus

  • Cream cheese, sliced jicama, celery and almond crackers

  • Smoked salmon, sliced cheese and cubed nectarines, and pistachios

  • Beef Jerky, string cheese and dates

  • Boiled egg, avocado and rice crackers

  • Hummus, pretzels and sliced apples

  • Kidney beans, cubed cheese and sunflower seeds

  • Seaweed, anchovies, sliced bell pepper and sliced bread

  • Scrambled egg and bacon wrapped in a tortilla with cheese, tomatoes, sliced apples

  • Sliced Steak, turnip, and potato cubes w/ grapes

  • Cream cheese, strawberries and multigrain crackers

  • Havarti cheese, apple slices, celery sticks and almonds

  • Sliced turkey, boiled egg & raspberries

  • Chicken, baby potatoes & sliced persimmons

  • Sausage, cooked carrots & cubed mango

Healthy Food
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