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Spotlight Nonprofit

Our featured nonprofit is the Sacramento Food Bank We look forward to working with this organization to better understand the needs of the community and bridge our learning about all people.  

How We Give

 Weekly, teachers present the non-profit’s purpose and intention at circle.  They read books, articles and share websites that allow the students to understand the effort of the non-profit.  Parent volunteer, Deepika, works with the students once a week to make individual and personalized cards for each non-profit.    

Monthly the students will work on a group, collaborative art project in celebration of the spotlight non-profit organization.  This masterpiece will be displayed throughout the unit of study for parents to view. 

In an effort to support the Spotlight Non-Profit, we are raffling each work of art at the end of the theme of study.  

Raffle Tickets will be for sale for $1.00 each in the office.  Please make sure to put your the ticket and drop in the designated container.   The raffle draw will take place on the last day of the unit of study.  On this day, the winner will take home the work of art. All proceeds from raffle sales go to the  non-profit organization.  Your contribution is appreciated. Thank you! 

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