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What is the Work Exchange Program?  


Madrone’s Work Exchange Program (or WEP) provides an

opportunity for families to exchange work hours at the school for a discount on tuition. 


How to Get Started - To sign up for the WEP program, please send an email to Ms. Krista at">  Please review the list of available jobs and let us know which open job you would like to sign up for.  If the job you’re interested is currently filled, we will add you to the “wish list” for that job and will let you know if it becomes available during the school year.  In the meantime, you can select one of the open jobs to complete your monthly WEP hours.


How to Reschedule - The School relies on WEP families to complete their assigned jobs at the allotted times.  If your plans change and you cannot show up, please inform the office and the WEP Coordinator as soon as possible.    Please bear in the mind that last minute cancellations are disruptive to the School environment, and therefore the School requests at least 48 hours advance notice of any changes in your work schedule.   Cancellations and/or no-shows may result in (i) your job being reassigned to another WEP family, (ii) your suspension from the Work Exchange Program, and/or (iii) any discount given for the month becoming immediately due and payable.


How do I get Credit for my Work? - Email with time and date of completed task- a picture if necessary. Thank you! It takes a Village! 

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