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Canada, Lakes & Fish

August 7-11  Intros and Demos

August 14-18  North America, Canada Flag, Ice Hockey, Rainbow Trout

August 21-25. Northern Provinces (Yukon, Northwest, Nunavut), Polar Bears, Great Bear Lake, Inuit people

August 28- September 1  Western Provinces (BC, Alberta, Saskathchewan), Beavers, Banff National Park

September 5-8  Central Provinces (Manitoba, Ontario), Moose, Lake Superior, Niagra Falls

September 11-15  Eastern Provinces (Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick), Canadian Goose, Maple Syrup

What's MORE

Each week students do more than math, language, practical life, sensorial, botany, zoology, geography, history and peace, for example:

Monday through Friday: Spanish

Thursday: Gardening

Friday: Yoga, Soccer and Music


Practical Life  Grace & Courtesy, Care of the Classroom, Sew Button on Fabric Squares, Prepare Food: Cut & Mix, Squeegee, Dropper, Tweezers, Squeezing, Stack Carpets, Knowledge of Behavior Awareness in a Group, Table washing, Water Plants, Sort Silverware, Dressing Frames: Tie & Velcro, Stir, Sift, Tongs, Fold Paper

Sensorial  Color Box 4, Review of all Color Boxes, Geometric Cabinet: Regular Polygon Tray - Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon, Octagon, Nonagon, Decagon, Touch Boards: Gradate Roughness, Triangle Box, Large Hexagon, Mystery Bag, Beading, Knobbed Cylinder Extension

Language  Sounds, Code Book, Journal, Language Tower, Albanesi Cards, Read Aloud, Short & Long Vowel U, Grammar: Adjective Blends, Digraphs, Metal Insets: Use Two or More to Make One design, 3 Part Matching with Words, Silence Game, Memory Game, Puzzles, Read with a Friend

Math  GBM: Gather & Compose and Dynamic Addition, Nine Layout: Abstract, Addition Chart 1, Skip Count: 2 Bead Chain, Colored Beads: Addition of Sets, Linear Count: Thousand Chain with Arrows, Numeration, Teen & Ten Boards: Make Formations of 30, Addition Finger Boards, Hundred Board: Copy Numerals on Graph Paper

History  New Year's Day, Year Chain, What Year is it?, Martin Luther King, Jr Day, Clock Work :30

Geography  Land/Air/Water, Temperature: Cold, Ice, Snow, Observe Clouds and Study Types, Measure Rain, Land/Water Forms: Gulf/Peninsula

Zoology  External Parts of the Fish, Match, Compare, Classify 

Botany  Parts of the Stem and Tree

Art  Individual and Group Projects - Spotlight & Weekly Non-Profits, Dusk Program Projects 

Spanish Continue Practicing Days of the Week, Months, Counting, Colors, Animals and Phrases with Ms. Cortni

Music  Songs & Music, Circle Time Activities, Sing, Dance, Drum and Play, Snap, Clap

PE Soccer, Obstacle Course, Balance, Kicking, Follow Direction, Participation, Team Work, Eye/Hand Coordination

  • Canada, Lakes & Fish

  • California & Trains

  • Celebrations Around the World

  • Health & Nutrition, Amphibians

  • Community, Family & Friends

  • Renaissance & Farms

  • Solar System & Water



Check out our Non-profit organizations and how we share the love of community with our students and families, Here! 

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