Solar System & Dinosaurs

June 1-3 Intros & Demos

June 6-10 Mercury, Sun, Triassic Period and Pterosaurs, Carnivore

June 13-17 Venus, Earth, Jurassic Period, and Stegosaurus, Herbivore

June 20-24 Mars, Brachiosaurus (sauropod), Herbivore

June 27-July 1 Jupiter, Saturn and Deinonychus (theropod), Carnivore

July 4-8 Closed

July 11-1 5 Uranus and Cretaceous Period, and T Rex (theropod), Carnivore

July 18-22 Neptune and Triceratops, Herbivore

July 25-29 Dwarf Planets and Maiasaura, Herbivore

August 1 - 5, 2022 School Closed


Practical Life  Grace & Courtesy, Care of the Classroom, Sew Button on Fabric Squares, Prepare Food: Cut & Mix, Squeegee, Dropper, Tweezers, Squeezing, Stack Carpets, Knowledge of Behavior Awareness in a Group, Table washing, Water Plants, Sort Silverware, Dressing Frames: Tie & Velcro, Stir, Sift, Tongs, Fold Paper

Sensorial  Color Box 4, Review of all Color Boxes, Geometric Cabinet: Regular Polygon Tray - Pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon, Octagon, Nonagon, Decagon, Touch Boards: Gradate Roughness, Triangle Box, Large Hexagon, Mystery Bag, Beading, Knobbed Cylinder Extension

Language  Sounds, Code Book, Journal, Language Tower, Albanesi Cards, Read Aloud, Short & Long Vowel U, Grammar: Adjective Blends, Digraphs, Metal Insets: Use Two or More to Make One design, 3 Part Matching with Words, Silence Game, Memory Game, Puzzles, Read with a Friend

Math  GBM: Gather & Compose and Dynamic Addition, Nine Layout: Abstract, Addition Chart 1, Skip Count: 2 Bead Chain, Colored Beads: Addition of Sets, Linear Count: Thousand Chain with Arrows, Numeration, Teen & Ten Boards: Make Formations of 30, Addition Finger Boards, Hundred Board: Copy Numerals on Graph Paper

History  New Year's Day, Year Chain, What Year is it?, Martin Luther King, Jr Day, Clock Work :30

Geography  Land/Air/Water, Temperature: Cold, Ice, Snow, Observe Clouds and Study Types, Measure Rain, Land/Water Forms: Gulf/Peninsula

Zoology  External Parts of the Fish, Match, Compare, Classify 

Botany  Parts of the Stem and Tree

Art  Individual and Group Projects - Spotlight & Weekly Non-Profits, Dusk Program Projects 

Spanish Continue Practicing Days of the Week, Months, Counting, Colors, Animals and Phrases with Ms. Cortni

Music  Songs & Music, Circle Time Activities, Sing, Dance, Drum and Play, Snap, Clap

PE Soccer, Obstacle Course, Balance, Kicking, Follow Direction, Participation, Team Work, Eye/Hand Coordination

  • Australia & Fish

  • Native Americans, California & Weather

  • Celebrations Around the World

  • Africa, Mammals & Trees

  • Family & Friends, Rainbows, & Community

  • Renaissance & Flowers

  • Solar System & Dinosaurs