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& Sign-Out

Parents sign-in and sign-0ut using a digital pin on pads located outside the front of the building. All families receive their own individual pin (this includes all pick up people - moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, nannies, etc...) authorized to pick up your child. Using the Procare app use the camera icon and scan the QR code on an Ipad at both sign-in and out. Other caregivers use their individual pin for sign-in and out.  It is required by the Department of Social Services ­Community Care Licensing (Regulation 101229.1) that parents/caregivers sign children in and out daily, using their own linked pin or signature.  


The Procare app is the tool used to track attendance and student rosters. This system notifies parents each time the child is picked up or dropped off via push notifications and emails. We also use the Procare app to send daily notes that include nap, snack, (for the Cedar room), incidents and other notes related to toilet training.

Image by David Nitschke
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