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Parent Circle

Hands Up
  • Parent Circle is a place to share ideas, talk about scenarios that work at home and school with parent/child relationships, collaborate ways to find peace and get children to cooperate while building self-reliance and empowering both child and adult.

  • Over the most recent winter break I thought about the consequences of COVID and how this impacts all relationships and that we have and the opportunity to help each other lessen the difficult moments and increase the fun times by sharing ideas, talking and listening to gain a different perspective and empower our imagination to foster better relationships with our children.

  • Together we make a difference and together we grow strong and capable. Unified parenting enables us to navigate difficulties with more ease and confidence. 

  • Beginning January 25th, we will select a day to meet twice a month via Zoom and discuss topics submitted by participating parents. 

  • If you want to join in, let me know, also please send the topic you want to discuss to me via email by January 18th. I will select one or two topics where we share our personal experiences of what works and does not work. 

  • My intention in Parent Circle involves sharing, giving, confidentiality, parent connection, solutions, empowerment, relationships and opening new doors for old matter and ending struggles that drives us crazy. 

  • Together we encourage, support, listen, offer, empower and build a connection where our best shines and our difficulties lessen.

  • Necessary requirements- an hour biweekly to devote to a zoom meeting, and you are a parent of Madrone with a child in your life. 

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