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Ms. Krista

In 1987 I turned to literature, videos and early childhood workshops with an attempt to gather tools and strategies for raising and understanding my 18-month-old son and 1-month-old daughter.  In pursuit of knowledge, I landed a job in a Montessori school, as an aid, then lead teacher graduating to parent advocate and owner.  This endeavor was a reminder that my many years of working with children, elderly and animals provided useful tools, such as the development of empathy and kindness.  With two children and grit and  perseverance I continued to grow our Montessori school guiding families, students and parents to find, hold and love the basic foundations of  peace, self-reliance, purpose, and well-being within a Montessori environment.  I pursued Montessori Training certificates 3-6 and 6-12 in San Diego, California through an AMS/MACTE program.  In researching self-reliance within a Montessori classroom over the last 30 years, I have learned that children are capable and find joy in their achievements both big and small.  After my bachelor's degree in Human Development, I grew mindful of the impacts of acceptance of diversity and the melding of cultures in education.  Our school is an example of a place where we grow, in the summer, autumn, winter and spring, and through it all we bloom.

     Through qualitative studies that included observations, interaction and work with teachers, parents, and children on how to develop and maintain healthy and positive relationships, I noticed ways this directly affects a child’s heightened sense of self and self-esteem.  Completing the work for my Master's degree in Education helped me gain insight into the powerful impact of an experiential education that builds self-reliance, empowerment and love for learning.  

     When I am not reading, researching or building a Montessori foundation I run, hike, paddle, bike, music, garden, crochet, cook and create!  Lastly, I am me because of my family, friends and four-legged creatures all of whom I love to the moon and back -  peace and love krista

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