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Garden of Gather and Give

On Wednesday, October 31st, in keeping with our community service projects, we will have a garden invertebrate themed event to benefit  ARTA - American River Touring Association.         Their mission is to introduce you to the wilderness and to involve you in their trips in a manner that is safe, meaningful, and beneficial to both you and the environment. Their  non-profit status and philosophy ensure that any surplus revenues generated by their trips are reinvested in the company or donated to conservation organizations and are not distributed to individuals or investors. Your participation helps protect our nation's wild rivers for future generations to enjoy. 

Ask your child about their favorite invertebrate that they learned about in class, then, you can both dress in flying, crawling or slithering invertebrate clothing/costumes and join the fun! Decorate your trunk in the theme and meet in the parking lot in front of the school at 9:00am. Bring items from ARTA’s wish list to hand out to the students who will walk from car to car, starting at 9:30am, collecting the items. The students will then present the bags full of supplies to ARTA river guide, Cortni Haislet. We will wrap up the event with a healthy group snack.  

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