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Mountain Lake

School of Salmon 

  • On Tuesday, February 14th at 8:30am, parents bring your creativity, car, van or truck, to decorate in the theme of a salmon's habitat (river, ocean, sand bars) 

  • Bring a fun give away related to the unit of study- (Ocean and Salmon, fish) that is not a food or sweet. We have many students with allergies and diet specifications therefore, a non-edible giveaway and enough for 60.

  • Our school of salmon will begin their swim up the river of cars at 9:00am. 

  • Help your child make or create a costume at home using recycled items and reusing materials to make a salmon fish. 

  • As part of our salmon study we will make shirts- please bring a labeled white shirt to school on Monday, January 30th.

  • Prior to Tuesday, February 14th help your child make Valentine cards at home. Please do not put names on the Valentine cards. We are studying Ocean life, fish, whales and crustaceans, so any theme related home made or recycled cards are encouraged.

  • The Lavender room has 46 students, the Cedar has 14 students and 15 teachers.

  • Children will distribute the cards inside the school with teachers.

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