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Ms. Cortni

I was two years old when I first discovered Montessori philosophy as a student and this helped me love reading, friends and math. I am a native to California yet appreciate the lands far and beyond. I find joy and tranquility in adventure and meeting new people. Recently while in Sri Lanka I observed parent and child relationships as an integral part of their culture. As a graduate from the sciences and languages I did not gain knowledge from studies about cultures and relationships rather studied granite and languages of Spain. Since returning from travels abroad I decided to figure out the mystery and magnificence of children and parenting. I am enrolled in ECE courses and plan to acquire my early childhood teaching certificate. Also, I am excited to apply my BA of language acquisition in Spanish teaching Madrone students Spanish beginning in January 2021.  In the summer months I work for ARTA River Trips in Salmon, Idaho as a manager and for fun, bike, SUP, and spend time with my four-legged creature Yampa and partner living in Lotus, California. 

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