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Over the past several decades we see children evolve to self-reliant young adults. This learning begins in early childhood where the goal involves learning to identify within the world with the senses and hands. Together children learn how to make friends and establish relationships. Developing a sense of belonging unfolds in the didactic environment where the child finds purpose. With resilience, family support and our devotion to imparting care the child acquires knowledge. This process takes an all encompassing village.


Montessori Tradition

The Montessori Method was created by Maria Montessori and is based on a lifetime of study and observation with regard to the way children learn and adapt. Traditional education is based on…well…tradition....

Multi-aged classrooms

Self-paced activities

Teacher as the dynamic link

Prepared Environment

Love of learning

Change is good

Montessori Commitment

We are a Montessori school that focuses on early childhood needs by cultivating compassion. This community works toward empowering by action while serving the community to promote early childhood well-being. With curriculum excellence the Montessori foundation equips children with knowledge of the world and instills a sense of purpose to be innovate thinkers and leaders who maintain the skills for service and change.

Aerial View of Curved River
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